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Intersectoral Coordination

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Four ways regional bodies can help deliver SDG justice commitments Jul 21, 2016
Inter-sectoral Coordination, Social Protection and Human Rights: A virtuous circle Mar 15, 2016
Vacancy announcements in FAO and UNICEF Feb 17, 2016
Financing for Development Massive Open Online Course Nov 11, 2015
Commission on Global Poverty: Share Your Ideas on Measuring Extreme Poverty Oct 05, 2015
Mexico, International Seminar on Urban Poverty Jul 08, 2015
Results of the workshop: "Toward and Intersectoral Focus on Social Protection in the Americas" Mar 16, 2015
INTERSECTORAL WORKSHOP ON SOCIAL PROTECTION AND EMPLOYMENT: Towards an intersectoral approach to social protection in the Americas: labor, social development and social security Nov 17, 2014
How does civil society view its role in collaborating with government on social protection policies and programs? Nov 06, 2014
Innovative partnerships: It’s beyond money Sep 10, 2014
Migration-and-Development Is All Grown Up—and It’s Going to Get Even Bigger Sep 10, 2014
E&K Health Consulting puts the Ebola outbreak in perspective – could PPPs be the solution? Sep 08, 2014
Policy dialogue, knowledge sharing and engaging Sep 04, 2014
In my view: The Structural Gap approach offers a new model for co-operation with middle-income countries Sep 03, 2014
Jamaica Shares the Success of its Social Program with Caribbean Counterparts Sep 02, 2014
Adva Saldinger: 11 Tips for Successful Shared Value Partnerships Aug 26, 2014
The World Demands a Paradigm Shift: Moving Towards Empowered Development Aug 26, 2014
What’s the Point of the Post-2015 Agenda? Aug 24, 2014
The Politics of Policies: Revisiting the Politics of Public Policies and Government Capabilities in Latin America and the Caribbean Aug 11, 2014
Fabian Repetto of CIPPEC: guest lecturer of the Diploma Course on Social Protection for the Americas Jul 01, 2014
UNRISD BLOG - Adopting Comprehensive, Coherent and Coordinated Policies in Social Protection: A View from the Americas Mar 28, 2014
Reimagining the Role of the Private Sector in Development Aug 13, 2013
Honduras: Social Protection Policy Aug 05, 2013
Scaling up cross-sector collaboration: what are the challenges? Jun 17, 2013
Social protection: working within a network environment May 08, 2013
Social Determinants of Health - Sectoral Briefing Series 4 - WHO May 06, 2013
The Challenges of Intersectoral Work – the CISALUD Experience in El Salvador Apr 29, 2013
IASPD 3 - "Social Protection from the perspective of the Social Charter of the Americas" Apr 10, 2013
UN System Task Team on the Post-2015 UN Development Agenda: A renewed global partnership Apr 04, 2013
Common Ground: UNICEF and World Bank Approaches to Building Social Protection Systems Apr 03, 2013
WEBINAR SUMMARY - INTERAMERICAN SOCIAL PROTECTION DIALOGUES SERIES: FIRST WEBINAR “Social Protection and Intersectoral Coordination: Seeking Comprehensive Solutions” Mar 04, 2013
Promoting Resilient Livelihoods through Adaptive Social Protection: Lessons from 124 Programmes in South Asia Jan 30, 2013
Presentations - 1st edition of the Inter-American Social Protection Dialogues Jan 17, 2013
Social protection for food security Oct 12, 2012
Social Protection and Employment Generation: Analysis of Experiences from Coresponsibility Transfer Programs Oct 05, 2012
First Edition: Inter-American Social Protection Dialogues Oct 04, 2012
IASPD 1 - Social Protection and Intersectoral Coordination: Seeking Comprehensive Solutions Oct 04, 2012
Social Protection. A question of delivering on rights and resources Sep 24, 2012
The Monitoring and Evaluation System of Brazil’s Social Protection Policy: the MDS Experience Jul 26, 2012
Evaluating Social Protection Policies Jul 26, 2012
Partnership between the Private Sector and Government on Employment Jul 26, 2012
Commission of Technical Advice on Labor Matters – CEATAL – and Public-Private Partnerships Jul 25, 2012
Social Protection System and Employment Promotion Jul 25, 2012
PATH: Moving Beyond Poverty Alleviation and Reduction to Empowerment Jul 25, 2012
Strengthening Human Capital as a Strategy within the Framework of Social Protection Jul 25, 2012
Social Protection and Equal Opportunity Floor in Mexico Jul 25, 2012
Revalora Peru: from Crisis to Employability Jul 25, 2012
Articulation of Inter-sectoral Policies and Actions in Social Protection and Employment Jul 25, 2012
Inclusive social protection: an integral perspective, a rights-based approach Jul 25, 2012
Social Protection System with emphasis on Labor Jul 25, 2012
Social Protection and Employment System Chile Solidario-Sence Jul 25, 2012
Employment Strategies targeted towards Vulnerable Populations Jul 25, 2012
The Brazilian Experience: Social and Professional Qualification integrated into the Social Protection Network Jul 25, 2012
Intersectoral Public Policies - Intersectoral relations in social protection strengthening. Jul 25, 2012
Social Protection and Employment Generation: Comments on the joint OAS-ILO-ECLAC document Jul 25, 2012
Labor vulnerability , Income Volatility and Coverage of the Bolsa Familia Program Jul 25, 2012
Joint Document OAS/ECLAC/ILO Social Protection and Employment Generation: Analysis of experiences from Co-responsibility Transfer Programs Jul 25, 2012
Documents for the Seminar on Inter-sectoral Public Policies: Social Protection, Labor and Employment Jul 25, 2012
Seminar on Inter-sectoral Public Policies: Social Protection, Labor and Employment Jul 24, 2012
Inter-sectoral Public Policies: Social Protection, Labor and Employment Agenda Jul 24, 2012
Joint Statement on Social Protection and Decent Work (OAS/ILO) Jun 22, 2012
Joint Statement on Food Security (OAS/FAO) Jun 22, 2012
Joint Statement on Social Protection and Children (OAS/UNICEF) Jun 21, 2012