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Title Post date Authored by
Linkages between the social and production spheres: Gaps, pillars and challenges Oct 25, 2017
Social Panorama of Latin America 2016 Oct 25, 2017
Progress in Latin America's social protection systems Jun 16, 2016
Poverty and the Third Sector of Social Action Jun 07, 2016
Fiscal Policy and Human Rights in Times of Austerity May 31, 2016
CESR Newsletter: Austerity in the Americas · Economic inequality · Gender & tax · Digital justice May 25, 2016
Inter-sectoral Coordination, Social Protection and Human Rights: A virtuous circle Mar 15, 2016
Publication -> Ageing in the Caribbean and the human rights of older persons: Twin imperatives for action Mar 11, 2016
Human Rights Council Event Video -> Overcoming Exclusion, Promoting Rights: Challenges and Opportunities in Social Protection Dec 09, 2015
New Directions in Social Policy: Alternatives from and for the Global South Nov 25, 2015
Shelter from the Storm: Upgrading Housing Infrastructure in Latin American Slums Nov 23, 2015
Ageing in the Caribbean and the human rights of older persons Nov 10, 2015
The Role of Identification in the Post- 2015 Development Agenda Nov 03, 2015
"Every SDG Target Needs a Form of Identification" – Podcast with Alan Gelb and Mariana Dahan Nov 03, 2015
Inequality and Social Inclusion in the Americas Nov 03, 2015
Global Cooperation Newsletter Nov 02, 2015
Latin American and Caribbean Countries Will Meet in Panama to Negotiate Agreement on Rights of Access in Environmental Matters Oct 26, 2015
Organising International Solidarity Oct 23, 2015
The Vital Role of Social Protection in the Fight Against Inequality Oct 22, 2015
Priviliges that Deny Rights Oct 20, 2015
OAS: Advancing economic, social and cultural rights Oct 19, 2015
OAS: Advancing economic, social and cultural rights Oct 19, 2015
Disadvantaged and vulnerable groups Oct 19, 2015
International Day for the Eradication of Poverty Oct 16, 2015
Building Social Protection Floors and Comprehensive Social Security Systems Oct 06, 2015
Commission on Global Poverty: Share Your Ideas on Measuring Extreme Poverty Oct 05, 2015
Social Inclusion: WikiStage & World Bank Group Lima Special Event Sep 28, 2015
Brazilian Development Indicators Sep 24, 2015
Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network Sep 23, 2015
Towards an Enabling Macroeconomic Environment (Panel IV) Sep 23, 2015
Making Social Policy Work for Women (Panel III) Sep 23, 2015
Transforming Work for Women's Rights (Panel II) Sep 23, 2015
Substantive Equality for Women: Connecting Human Rights and Public Policy Sep 23, 2015
Civil Society Guide to National Social Protection Floors Sep 22, 2015
IASPN participates at UNRISD event on rights-based approach to social protection Sep 16, 2015
The Right to Transportation in Bogota Sep 15, 2015
Overcoming Exclusion and Promoting Rights: Challenges and Opportunities in Social Protection Sep 08, 2015
Finding Ways Forward: Challenges and Opportunities in Creating Rights-Based Social Protection Systems Sep 04, 2015
Overcoming Exclusion and Promoting Rights: Challenges and Opportunities in Social Protection Sep 04, 2015
Implementing the Inter-American Convention on Protecting the Human Rights of Older Persons: a Call for Action Sep 02, 2015
The importance of using a rights-based approach to achieving social protection for all Jul 30, 2015
Seminar on Access to Services with a Rights Approach Jul 21, 2015
Mexico, International Seminar on Urban Poverty Jul 08, 2015
The new platform on Social Protection and Human Rights is ready! Jun 18, 2015
Progress Indicators for Measuring Rights under the Protocol of San Salvador Feb 25, 2015
65th OAS Policy Roundtable: "Regional Agenda for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: A Look into the Future" Feb 24, 2015
65 OAS Policy Roundtable - Regional Agenda for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: A Look into the Future Feb 18, 2015
Winning the Fight against Poverty and Inequality Feb 10, 2015
How does civil society view its role in collaborating with government on social protection policies and programs? Nov 06, 2014
First World Conference on Indigenous Peoples opens at UN headquarters Sep 23, 2014
Linking Social Protection and Human Rights; Post-2015 Development Agenda; New Directions in Social Policy: Issue 19 Jul 03, 2014
World Social Protection Report 2014/15 Jun 03, 2014
Poverty Brief: New Developments in International Poverty Law Apr 04, 2014
Empowering girls is about rights, not just economics Mar 11, 2014
A Human Rights Perspective on Social Protection Systems Feb 27, 2014
CROP Newsletter - January 2014 Feb 24, 2014
Making the Urban Poor Safer: Lessons from Nairobi and Maharashtra Jan 14, 2014
Children’s Rights are Human Rights Jan 07, 2014
Old-Age Government Transfers and the Crowding Out of PrivateGifts: The 70 and Above Program for the Rural Elderly in Mexico Dec 11, 2013
The national pension is 100 years old, documentation of the conference on 1-2 October 2013 Nov 25, 2013
A life of dignity for all: accelerating progress towards the Millennium Development Goals and advancing the United Nations development agenda beyond 2015 Nov 19, 2013
Who Cares: Unpaid care work, poverty and women’s human rights Nov 08, 2013
Emerging Voices: Natalie Bugalski and David Pred on the Dark Side of Development Oct 30, 2013
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - A Rights-Based Approach to Social Protection for the Elderly Oct 17, 2013
GUYANA - Women of Worth Microcredit Scheme Oct 17, 2013
In Bolivia, infrastructure is crucial for quality education Sep 17, 2013
Promoting Millennium Development Ideals: The Risks of Defining Development Down - Working Paper 338 Sep 10, 2013
Informing Post-2015 Development with Ground Level Knowledge Sep 09, 2013
The Capability Approach to the Quality of Life Aug 28, 2013
The Social Inclusion Index 2013 Aug 06, 2013
Peru: Ombudsman Service for Children and Adolescents Aug 05, 2013
Paraguay: Tekoporã–Secretariatfor Social Action’s Cash Transfer Program with Co-Responsibility Aug 05, 2013
Ecuador: Implementation of Family Support Centers Aug 05, 2013
Colombia: Specialized Program and Services for Children and Youth Who Have Disassociated themselves from Illegal Organized Armed Groups Aug 05, 2013
Colombia: Project on an Environmental and Traditional Corridor for the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta Aug 05, 2013
Colombia: Support for the Strengthening of Ethnic Group Families Aug 05, 2013
PODCAST - The Human Rights Approach to Social Protection Jun 18, 2013
WIDER Angle May 2013 Jun 12, 2013
Call for papers - Academic Network for Development and Inequality Research Jun 11, 2013
Voces en el Fénix - April 2013 Jun 11, 2013
Voces en el Fénix - March 2013 Jun 11, 2013
Social protection programs: three precautions from a human rights approach to food Jun 05, 2013
Highlights of the webinar on "Social protection systems in Latin America and the Caribbean: the challenge of inclusion" May 30, 2013
Humanum Blog: What about efficiency? Also, but after May 29, 2013
Social Protection Systems in Latin America and the Caribbean: the Challenge of Inclusion May 15, 2013
The Human Rights Approach to Social Protection May 13, 2013
IASPD 4 - “Social protection systems in Latin America and the Caribbean: the challenge of inclusion” May 09, 2013
Implementing the European Union gender action plan 2010-2015: challenges and opportunities Apr 15, 2013
Food as a commodity, human right or common good? Implications for hunger eradication Apr 03, 2013
Holding Cash Transfers to Account Apr 01, 2013
Social protection in the Post-2015 Development Agenda Jan 02, 2013
Reflections on the Third Workshop on Social Policy and International Cooperation Nov 19, 2012
American States progress in the implementation of the Protocol of San Salvador Nov 06, 2012
Social protection for food security Oct 12, 2012
Social Protection and the Millennium Development Goals: Towards a Human Rights-based Approach Sep 19, 2012
The Human Rights Approach to Social Protection Sep 19, 2012
Validating one of the world's largest conditional cash transfer programmes. A case study on how impact evaluation of Brazil's Bolsa Familia Programme helped silence its critics and improve policy Sep 17, 2012
Building Equality and Opportunity through Social Guarantees Jul 27, 2012
Inclusive social protection: an integral perspective, a rights-based approach Jul 25, 2012
Sharing Best Practices in Social Guarantees Jul 02, 2012