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Financial Inclusion

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Title Post date Authored by
Graduation Workshop and Field Visit May 17, 2017
IMF Conference: Financial inclusion and its macroeconomic impacts May 03, 2016
Summary Notes from the Graduation Summit and Global Learning Event 2015 Jan 12, 2016
G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion Invites Comments on White Paper Dec 02, 2015
Financing for Development Massive Open Online Course Nov 11, 2015
Wealth, Financial Intermediation, and Saving in Latin America and the Caribbean Nov 02, 2015
Project Finance Modeling Training Oct 26, 2015
Financing for development in Latin America and the Caribbean. A strategic analysis from a middle-income country perspective Oct 13, 2015
Commission on Global Poverty: Share Your Ideas on Measuring Extreme Poverty Oct 05, 2015
Results of the Addis Ababa Conference on Financing for Development Jul 31, 2015
WEBCAST - Universal Financial Access 2020 Apr 14, 2015
Five Latin American Countries among Top Ten Countries with Best Environment for Financial Inclusion Nov 07, 2014
‘Breaking Through’ - The Remarkable Progress of Inclusive Business Sep 29, 2014
IASPD 9 - "Challenges and Lessons Learned about Financial Inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean" Sep 29, 2014
Around the World with Bitcoin Sep 23, 2014
#NOunbanked: about the Guardian financial inclusion campaign Sep 22, 2014
Global Inequality: What to Address? Sep 17, 2014
Partnering for Impact: How to Strengthen Partnerships with Business to Deliver the SDGs? Sep 16, 2014
Finance and Employment Formalization: Evidence from Mexico's Income-Expenditure Surveys, 2000-2010 Sep 16, 2014
Women’s Entrepreneurial Venture Scope Sep 15, 2014
Collaboration: The Essential Key to Intrapreneurism Sep 11, 2014
ASBANC: National Forum on Education and Financial Inclusion Sep 11, 2014
Regional Meeting on Financial Inclusion and Education in Latin America and the Caribbean Sep 11, 2014
Call for Proposals: Remittances and Savings in Central America Sep 11, 2014
Open Registration - Coloquium: Effict Tool for Inclusive Savings Sep 11, 2014
Innovative partnerships: It’s beyond money Sep 10, 2014
Business Call to Action Annual Forum 2014 Sep 03, 2014
Engaging With the Private Sector in the Post-2015 Development Agenda Aug 28, 2014
Latin America and the Caribbean: Tenacious and Less Vulnerable Aug 26, 2014
Effective Tools for Inclusive Savings Aug 20, 2014
Banking with Bitcoin Aug 11, 2014
Young Latin Americans Face Spiral of Unemployment, Poverty Aug 05, 2014
Customer-Centricity for Financial Inclusion: Why It Matters Jul 24, 2014
A Guide To Working With Informal Financial Institutions Jul 18, 2014
A Guide To Working With Informal Financial Institutions Jul 18, 2014
Final Repor - Partnerships for Financial Inclusion: A Catalyst for Inclusive Growth Jul 11, 2014
Understanding Latin America’s Financial Inclusion Gap Jul 03, 2014
Segovia: A New Player in Cash Transfers Jul 01, 2014
Mobile Money For The Unbanked Jun 18, 2014
the role of trust Jun 13, 2014
The Role of Trust, Relationship-Building and Public-Private Partnerships in the Implementation of Financial Inclusion Initiatives Jun 06, 2014
Financial Inclusion Questionnaire May 30, 2014
Frederick Stephenson To Represent SVG In New York May 21, 2014
Presentation - Ministry of Social Development and Fight against Hunger, Brazil May 08, 2014
Presentation - City of Miami Economics Initiative May 08, 2014
Presentation: - New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, Office of Financial Empowerment May 08, 2014
Presentation: - City of San Antonio Department of Human Services May 08, 2014
Presentation: - Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners May 08, 2014
Presentation: Anna Gincherman- Women's World Banking May 08, 2014
Dialogue with the Banking Sector/Foundations (Part 2) May 05, 2014
Dialogue with the Banking Sector/Foundations (Part 1) May 05, 2014
Program Operations: Financial Empowerment Centers May 05, 2014
Program Insights: Financial Empowerment Centers May 05, 2014
U.S. Experience on Financial Inclusion and Asset Building Programming – Part I Local Government Initiatives May 05, 2014
Welcome Remarks May 05, 2014
The OAS highlights the IASPN Event on Financial Inclusion May 02, 2014
Short Stories - Partnerships for Financial Inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Catalyst for Inclusive Growth Apr 29, 2014
Financial Opportunities For The World's Poor Apr 25, 2014
Partnerships for Financial Inclusion - Panelists' Bios Apr 25, 2014
Partnerships for Financial Inclusion: A Catalyst for Inclusive Growth Apr 25, 2014
Making Banking Work for Everyone Apr 24, 2014
Bill Gates on the digital future and financial inclusion Apr 24, 2014
An innovative twist on microfinance Apr 24, 2014
Investments that pay off- Building Strong Teams That Support Financial Inclusion Apr 23, 2014
Promoting Savings Groups led Financial Inclusion: experiences from Fundación Capital in the Dominican Replublic Apr 23, 2014
Banishing poverty through banking Apr 21, 2014
For financial inclusion, give licences to telcos partnering with banks Apr 21, 2014
Call for proposals: Non-Contributory Pensions, Social Assistance Programs and Household Savings in Latin America and the Caribbean Apr 21, 2014
IASPD 10 - "Challenges and Lessons Learned about Financial Inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean" Apr 21, 2014
Savers Deserve More Attention and Protection Apr 14, 2014
Cashing in: why mobile banking is good for people and profit Apr 14, 2014
Smart Design for Policy and Practice: Consider Bandwidth – Insights from Harvard Kennedy School’s “Rethinking Financial Inclusion” Apr 11, 2014
Avoiding Loan Sharks, Women in Indonesia Access Micro-Loans and Business Skills Training Apr 11, 2014
Do Agents Improve Financial Inclusion? Evidence from Brazil Apr 10, 2014
Navigating Tensions in Social Enterprise Apr 10, 2014
Financial Education, Savings and Bancarization in Colombia - The Experience of IED-VITAL Apr 09, 2014
Digital Finance: Innovation at the Core of Big Development Challenges Apr 08, 2014
Measuring Poverty to Impact Children’s Lives: VisionFund’s Campaign Commitment Apr 08, 2014
A closer look at the BETA Mobile Savings Program in Nigeria Apr 07, 2014
Visa employee shares how her work helps increase Financial Inclusion in her home country Apr 07, 2014
Call for Short Stories Apr 03, 2014
A Visionary Approach to Financial Inclusion Mar 31, 2014
Online Course: "Succeeding at the Base of the Pyramid" Mar 31, 2014
Multidimensional Tool to Assess Financial Inclusion Standing Mar 27, 2014
Promoting Women’s Financial Inclusion: A Toolkit Mar 27, 2014
Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities for Financial Inclusion Mar 27, 2014
Expanding Financial Access and Education Mar 25, 2014
Emerging Voices: Public-Private Partners in Development Mar 25, 2014
The Latin American Saving Gap Mar 20, 2014
Background Note - Partnerships for Financial Inclusion Mar 13, 2014
Factors that matter for financial inclusion: Evidence from Peru Mar 12, 2014
AGENDA - Partnerships for Financial Inclusion Mar 06, 2014
Perspectives on Financial Inclusion from Mexico Feb 25, 2014
Social service delivery and access to financial innovation: The impact of Oportunidades’ electronic payment system in Mexico Feb 25, 2014
Global Money Week 2014 Feb 25, 2014
Informal firms and financial inclusion : status and determinants Feb 24, 2014
Technology is Powering a New Era for Financial Inclusion. Are You Ready? Feb 24, 2014
High-level Global Symposium on Financial Education: Promoting Long-term Savings and Investments Feb 20, 2014
Social Protection on the international agenda Feb 19, 2014
Possibilities and Limitations of the Expansion of Social Protection through Classic Contributory Schemes: Notes on the Social Security Inclusion of the Poor Working Population Feb 14, 2014
MasterCard and IDB sign agreement to promote economic inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean Jan 29, 2014
Chad: Micro-finance networks boost business initiatives by women Jan 09, 2014
Inclusion matters: the foundation for shared prosperity Jan 06, 2014
The Misuse of the Term 'Graduation' in Social Policy: Pathways' Perspectives #14 Dec 17, 2013
Inclusive Growth Bulletin - November 2013 Nov 25, 2013
Role of regulation and micro finance in Africa, Asia and Latin America Nov 19, 2013
A life of dignity for all: accelerating progress towards the Millennium Development Goals and advancing the United Nations development agenda beyond 2015 Nov 19, 2013
Is Cash Alone an Effective Way to Fight Poverty? Nov 15, 2013
Regional Human Development Report 2013-2014 Nov 13, 2013
Savings by and for the Poor: A Research Review and Agenda - Working Paper 346 Nov 06, 2013
Building a Little BIG Community of Micro-Enterprises (LittleBigMoney) Nov 05, 2013
USA - Financial Empowerment Centers Oct 17, 2013
JAMAICA - Empowering the Poor – An intervention for the Social Graduation from the Jamaican Conditional Cash Transfer Programme Oct 17, 2013
GUYANA - Women of Worth Microcredit Scheme Oct 17, 2013
COLOMBIA - Red Unidos (Unidos Network), National policy for the eradication of extreme poverty Oct 17, 2013
Microfinance and Mobile Banking: Blurring the Lines? Aug 28, 2013
Access to Financial Services in Colombia Aug 16, 2013
Chile: I Plant a Seed Program (Yo Emprendo Semilla) Aug 06, 2013
Uruguay: Priority programs to eradicate extreme poverty Aug 05, 2013
Ecuador: “Growing with Our Family” (Creciendo con Nuestra Familia” - CNF) Aug 05, 2013
Colombia: National Agency for Overcoming Extreme Poverty- UNIDOS Network (Red UNIDOS) Aug 05, 2013
Chile Solidario Livability Program Topic: Financial Aug 05, 2013
Chile: “Promoting Youth Employability in Disadvantaged areas in the Dominican Republic” Aug 05, 2013
Chile: Financial Education Program Aug 05, 2013
Microfinance Minutes Jul 22, 2013
Social Programs Allowed One Million People Access to Banks Jul 16, 2013
National Financial Inclusion Survey 2012 (ENIF 2012) Jul 16, 2013
Financial Access 2012 Jul 15, 2013
Women's Savings Groups in Guatemala "Trickle Up" to Fight Poverty Jul 12, 2013
How Better Data Can Galvanize Financial Inclusion Jul 11, 2013
Conditional Cash Transfers and Financial Inclusion: Opportunities and Challenges in Latin America Jul 09, 2013
Clinton Global Initiative: Financial Inclusion Conference-Building a Path to Financial Security Jul 08, 2013
Financial Inclusion and the Post-2015 Global Development Goals Jul 02, 2013
Financial Inclusion: Looking Back, Then Forward Jul 01, 2013
Twelve in Twelve Webinar Series - Coalition for Financial Empowerment Jun 26, 2013
NYC Department of Consumer Affairs Office of Financial Empowerment: A Progress Report on the First Three Years, 2006–2009 Jun 25, 2013
Building Economic Security in America's Cities: New Municipal Strategies for Asset Building and Financial Empowerment Jun 25, 2013
Findings from the Citywide Financial Services Study Jun 25, 2013
Financial Empowerment Brief - February 2011 Jun 25, 2013
SaveUSA Program Implementation: Insights from the Field Jun 25, 2013
Financial Empowerment as a Supervitamin for Public Programs - Strategy #3 Jun 25, 2013
Financial Empowerment as a Supervitamin for Public Programs - Strategy #2 Jun 25, 2013
Financial Empowerment as a Supervitamin for Public Programs - Strategy #1 Jun 25, 2013
RESEARCH BRIEF - Immigrant Financial Services Study Jun 25, 2013
ECONOMIX BLOG - Can you alleviate poverty by just giving money to the poor? Jun 20, 2013
Microinsurance as a Liberal Market Approach to Social Protection? A Second Look Jun 17, 2013
Overcoming the Barriers to Financial Inclusion: Recognizing Demand and Overhauling Supply Jun 17, 2013
International Seminar: “Financial Inclusion: New Tools for Overcoming Poverty” Jun 07, 2013
Lina Salazar Ortegon: What are the most promising Base of the Pyramid business models in Latin America? May 29, 2013
Advancing Financial Inclusion through Use of Market Archetypes May 21, 2013
Alleviating Poverty: Mobile Communications, Microfinance and Small Business Development Around the World May 21, 2013
Social Protection and Financial Inclusion May 02, 2013
CGAP - Microinsurance: Key to Managing Risk Apr 17, 2013
Financial Inclusion in Latin America: Looking Back, then Forward Apr 03, 2013
Understanding the Financial Service Needs of the Poor in Mexico Apr 03, 2013
Incentives for the Introduction of Agents by Banca de las Oportunidades in Colombia Apr 03, 2013
CGAP.org Live Chat: Do Financial Markets Work for the Poor? Apr 03, 2013
Social Cash Transfers and Financial Inclusion: Evidence from Four Countries Apr 02, 2013
The Global Financial Inclusion (Global Findex) Database Mar 20, 2013
BLOG - IFC: Microinsurance - A Private Sector Safety Net Mar 20, 2013
Mobile Money: A Technology Game Changer for Tackling Global Poverty? Mar 14, 2013
The Foundations of Financial Inclusion: Understanding Ownership and Use of Formal Accounts Jan 29, 2013
New Online Library: Fundación Capital’s Graduation Project Dec 12, 2012
IDB calls for solutions for financial inclusion of people with disabilities Nov 09, 2012
Graduating out of extreme poverty: who succeeds? Sep 24, 2012
Assessment of the benefits of combining Savings and Conditional Cash Transfers Sep 21, 2012