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New strategies to reduce informality in domestic work

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December, 2016

A new ILO report calls for a combination of incentives and compliance to reduce high levels of informality in domestic work.

Despite efforts currently underway, domestic work remains one of the sectors with the highest level of informal employment, a new ILO study “Formalizing Domestic Work ” said. About 50 million of the 67 million domestic workers aged 15 years and older are estimated to be in informal employment worldwide.

Based on country experience from around the world, the authors suggest different measures which can be used by governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations to reduce the high levels of informal work among domestic workers:

  • Support households in making formal employment arrangements by simplifying registration procedures, setting standard contracts, and making model pay slips available for public use.
  • Promote formalization by lowering costs of domestic services to households, including through fiscal incentives and public investment.
  • Extend social insurance to domestic workers, where they were previously excluded.
  • Promote the professionalization of domestic work through skills training and salary scales to match certification and experience
  • Develop compliance campaigns that include awareness raising of workers and employers about rights and responsibilities.
  • Promote the voice and representation of domestic workers and their employers, with a view to conclude social dialogue and collective bargaining agreements.
  • Service voucher systems provide a promising avenue to combine various approaches to formalization.

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