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A space to share comments and relevant resources for the IASPN Community. Here you will find a wide range of resources varying from op-eds, to information about academic research to videos on social protection. If you are interested in sharing a resource through this blog, contact us at socialprotection@oas.org

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POSTED BY lauragosta ON Jun 28,2013 | COMMENTS (24)
Public libraries as strategic partners in social development and protection programs? By Laura Agosta Very often, the development programs, and particularly the social development and protection programs, require a network...
POSTED BY mairacolacce ON Oct 12,2012 | COMMENTS (6)
Ec. Maira Colacce – Ministry of Social Development – Uruguay The document "Towards a solidarity care model", approved by the Uruguayan Social Cabinet last September 20th, defines care as "a social function that involves both...
POSTED BY Rasec Niembro Urista ON Oct 12,2016 | COMMENTS (41)
Author: David Bacon Article published originally in New Politics Magazine. http://newpol.org/   We need an immigration policy based on human, civil, and labor rights, which looks at the reasons why people come to the United...