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Upload Resources to a Group

Resources specific to a group can be uploaded on the discussion group page. Site wide resources (added via the Resources page) can be shown in the group by relating the site wide resource to the group.


The user will be able to upload a variety of group resources.


It is assumed that you are currently a member of the group. Only members of the group can upload content and start a group discussion.

  1. Click on Groups in the main menu.
  2. Select a group from the list.
  3. In the "Create Group Content" block to the right, click on Group Resource.
  4. On the Create Group Resource form:
    1. Provide a short but descriptive title for the resource.
    2. Please upload one resource per page unless you are uploading related content (for example, an audio clip and its script document).
    3. Click Choose File and browse to select a file. Click Upload.
    4. The "File Created On" field is the date the document was originally created. The upload date will automatically be recorded.
    5. Select the Type of Resource (Final Report, Questionnaire, etc.) from the drop-down list.
    6. Provide a description of the resource.
    7. Tag your resource by selecting from the drop-down lists for country, sectors, topics, and knowledge type. This helps when filtering and viewing content in the resource library.
    8. The Group Content Visibility setting allows you to specify whether this resource should be public or private to the members of the group.
  5. Scroll down and click SAVE.
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