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Upload a Document

Documents can be added to expand the portal's resource library.


The user will be able to upload a document to the resource library.


It is assumed that you are a registered user on the site.

  1. Click on the Resources tab on the main menu.
  2. Under "Add Resources," click Add Document.
  3. Provide a short but descriptive title for your document.
  4. Under File, click Choose File and browse to find the file on your computer. Click Upload.
  5. If there is an applicable External Link, you may provide it here.
  6. Under "File Created On," you may specify the origination date for the document. (The post date will automatically be recorded when you post this document.)
  7. Provide a Description for the document that you are uploading.
  8. The Tags section provides you the opportunity to specify Countries, Sectors, Topics, Keywords, the Knowledge Type and Type of Resource.  
  9. On the Related Content tab, you can choose to relate this document to other content (blogs, events, news, or press releases).
  10. Scroll down and click Save.
  11. NOTE: Only you will be able to see this until the IASPN web team has had a chance to review and approve the new post. This should take between 1-24 hours. Thanks for your patience!
Tutorial Topics: