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Tagging Content

The portal relies on tagged content to enable sophisticated, filtered search results.


The user will properly tag content when uploading to the site.


It is assumed your site role has permission to upload content.


The portal features a variety of content types and makes use of multiple vocabularies so that content can be tagged, searched, and filtered. Landing pages throughout the site are customized to display categories of content, some of which can be further filtered, depending on the user’s needs. 

When adding content to the site, it is important to select the appropriate content type. For example, videos should be uploaded using the Video content type, links using the Link content type, etc.

A variety of tags are available when uploading content. For example:

  • Type of Resource (Agenda, Concept Paper, Research Study, etc.)
  • Country
  • Sectors (Education, Health, Social Policy, etc.)
  • Topics (Conditional Cash Transfers, Food Security, Social Inclusion, etc.)
  • Purpose of Content (Lesson Learned, Good Practices, etc.)
  • Keywords (You can freely add words or phrases, separated by a comma. If a keyword already exists, a list of choices will appear as you type.)

If contributors take the time to conservatively tag with the most appropriate terms, content will be more easily located. 

Another nice feature of the tagging system is that, no matter where you are in the site, you can click on a linked term, sector, topic, author, keyword, etc. and a list will display reflecting all content tagged with that particular term.

Tutorial Topics: