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Search and Filter

Content may be found in a variety of ways. Site pages display categories of content which can be further filtered and sorted. Site search is available at all times in the login bar. The Resources section displays recent content and allows you to conveniently search and filter results at once. Group members may also search group resources and discussions.


The user will be able to find resources quickly and easily.


A key concept to understand is the difference between "search" and "filter." As an example, consider a basket of fruits and vegetables. Perhaps you want to pick an apple from the basket. To do so, you might do one of the following:

  • FILTER by 'fruits' and select an apple
  • SEARCH for an 'apple' (when you don't know whether an apple is a fruit!)

Searching and filtering is widely used throughout the site:

  • Search field in the login bar
  • Custom filters on the various portal pages (e.g. Topics pages, Resources, Blog, Events, Portfolio Items, Members)
  • Search group discussions and resources


Search is available at all times in the login bar at the top of the page.

  1. Locate the “Search This Site” field
  2. Enter the term you would like to find, keeping in mind the following:
    1. Search is not case-sensitive.
    2. It will find partial words (e.g., ‘char’ will discover ‘character’)
    3. It searches title and body (will not search keywords)
  3. After searching, you may choose to SORT (by Relevancy, Title, Type, Author, or Date) and/or FILTER the results (by Language, Country, (Content) Type, Sector, and Topics).


  1. Check your spelling.
  2. Remove quotes around phrases to search for each word individually. (bike shed will often show more results than "bike shed").
  3. Consider loosening your query with OR. (bike OR shed will often show more results than bike shed).


All words-> financial AND inclusion AND partnerships
Exact phrase-> “financial inclusion partnerships”
Show ‘financial’ or ‘inclusion’ but exclude ‘partnerships’-> financial inclusion -partnerships
Require ‘partnerships’ with ‘financial’ or ‘inclusion’-> financial inclusion +partnerships

Resource Library 

You may search on Title and/or filter on the following tags to narrow results in one step.

Filters available: 

  • Type of Content
  • Title (search)
  • User Name 
  • Country 
  • Type of Resource
  • Purpose of Content
  • Keywords

Filters specific contents types including: 

  • Audio
  • Document
  • Link
  • Partner Highlight
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video

* Makes use of tagging and keywords (See Related Tutorials)

Search Group Resources and Discussions

You may search resources and discussions within a group by using the “Search Group” field on the that specific group page.

Tutorial Topics: