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Edit a Member Country or Partner Profile

Member Countries and Partners may be viewed by clicking on Members in the main menu. Click on the respective country flag or partner logo to access the member profile and view programs, recent activity, and contact information.


The user will be able to edit an existing Member Country or Member Partner profile. 


To edit a member country or partner profile, you must be given the role of Member Profile Admin AND you must be designated as the “author” of the profile. (See Related Tutorials for more information.)

  1. Click on Members in the Main Menu.
  2. Click on Countries.
  3. Select the flag of the country for which you are the Member Profile Admin.
  4. At the top of the profile, click on Edit.
  5. Make desired changes:
    1. Short Description (optional)
    2. Intro Text (optional)
    3. Social Development Policy (Please limit to 150 words. Displays on the Profile tab.)
    4. Vision of Social Protection (Please limit to 150 words. Displays on the Profile tab.)
    5. Implementing Institutions and Links (Please limit to 80 words. Displays on the Profile tab.)
    6. Horizontal Cooperation and Links (Displays on a separate profile tab.)
    7. Contact Information (Displays on the Contact tab.)
    8. Featured Image (Optional. Displays in the upper right corner of the profile page.)
    9. Location (Please provide a Country, City/State. This activates a google map to display on the profile page.)
    10. Social Links (Website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Displays on the Contact tab.)
    11. Member event logo (Not required. However, if uploaded, this logo will display on country/partner sponsored events.)
    12. Icon (This is the flag which will appear on Member Countries landing page.)
  6. Scroll to the bottom and click Save.