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Create a Group

Groups are an important feature of the portal and provide a dynamic forum for the exchange of group-specific information and engaging conversations.


At the end of this tutorial, the user will be able to create and configure a public or private group on the portal.


It is assumed your site role has permission to create new groups. If not, you may request a group here



  1. Click on "Add other types of Content"
  2. Click on Group
  3. Provide a title for the group
  4. Check the box for "Use OG Mailing-list for this group, but do not change the email address at this time.
  5. Body field: Provide a description of the group
  6. Group Image: You may upload a photo or icon to represent the group
  7. Group Visibility: You may designate whether the group is public or private. If public, the group will be visible to all site users, including non-members. Private groups are only visible to group members. Group members may be added by the group administrator.
  8. Scroll down and click Save.
  9. Your new group will appear on the Groups landing page. 

Now that the group is created, group members may add group resources or start group discussions.



Please note: Do not upload a linked translation for a group. Create separate groups in English and Spanish. Resources and discussions will show only in the group in which they were posted, English OR Spanish, but not both.

Instead of linking translated versions of a group, the following is a recommended workaround: Place a hyperlink to the related Spanish version of the group, if desired.  

Tutorial Topics: