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Connect with Other Members

The portal makes connecting with other site members very easy! Browse members, send a message, view a user profile, become friends, follow a member on Twitter, or join a discussion group.


It is assumed that you are a member of the site.



  1. Hover over Members in the main menu and click People.
  2. By default, the list displays the most recent members first.
  3. Members may be sorted by First Name, Last Name, Title/Position, or Country by clicking on the link at the top of the list.
  4. Members can also be searched using specific criteria such as First Name, Last Name, Title, Country, or Place of Work.  (TIP: To find all members whose last names begin with the letter P, just type P in the Last Name field and click Apply.)
  5. Click on the member's name to be taken to their user profile.



It is here that you can make a number of connections with fellow members on the site.

  1. Click on the Contact Tab to send an email message.
  2. Under Relationships in the user's profile, you can click a link to "Become _'s Friend."
  3. If this member has joined any groups, they can be viewed in the "_'s groups" block on the right side of the user profile page.
  4. This member's friends can be seen in the "My Friends" block on the user profile page. 
  5. If this information has been provided by the member, you can choose to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or their personal website by clicking on the links in the "Follow User On" block. 
  6. To get an idea of what members are working on, "Recent Activity" can also be viewed on their user profile. 



Throughout the site, usernames are hyperlinked when content is posted. Click on a username to be taken to their user profile.

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