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Add Translated Content

If content is available in both languages, it is important to link the content as a translated set so that the user can toggle between the English and Spanish site.


The user will be able to add a Spanish translation of English content.


It is assumed the content has an available translation.

  1. Once content is created and saved, view the item and click on the Translate tab.
  2. You will see the content title in the original language. Next to Spanish, you will see that the status is "Not translated."
    1. If you have already created the Spanish language version of the content, you may select the existing translation by typing the title in the search box. Once located, click "Update Translations" to link the the set. (This may be the preferred method of linking a translation set, as the content creation takes place fully in the desired language and all related content and tagging will be available.)
    2. If an existing translation does not currently exist on the site, click "add translation.
  3. You will now be on the same content creation form, however, this time, it will be saved in Spanish. (Note: Language will be pre-selected as Spanish.)
  4. Edit the existing English text to reflect the Spanish translation.
    (To fully edit and tag the translation, you may need to save first, then reopen and edit on the Spanish site.)
  5. Scroll down and click Save. 


  • When saving your translation, you WILL receive a "Page Not Found" error. This is due to the bi-lingual nature of the site. Please verify your saved content by viewing it in the appropriate language.
  • Remember, if you unpublish content, the corresponding translation is not automatically unpublished. You will need to unpubish that node as well.