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Add an Event

The Event content type features many ways to highlight a special event, conference, or workshop.


The user will be able to add an event and, if desired, present it on a dedicated landing page with other similar events (for example, diploma courses, dialogue events, or training workshops).


It is assumed your site role has permission to add events.


To add a new Event:

Go to Events in the menu. In the upper right block, click Add an Event.
Click on Add Event in the Add Resources block on the home page.

  1. Title: A Title is required, but if you are adding an event banner, you will want to avoid duplicating the name in the banner since the title and event banner appear close to each other on the event display.

  2. Featured IASPN Event: Select Yes if you would like this event to appear on one of the three dedicated event pages (Capacity Building Activity, Cooperation, or Dialogue). Otherwise, simply select the type of event. NOTE: If you are placing the event on a sub-category page for Capacity Building Activities (e.g. Diploma courses, Participatory Gender Assessment, or Training workshops), you will need to select BOTH "Capacity Building Activities" AND one of these three subcategories by holding the Ctrl button and clicking to select each.

  3. Organizer: Type in the name of the Event Organizer. (If it is a member country or partner, please use the Member Country Affiliation or Partner Affiliation field on the Featured tab.) Organizers and Affiliated member countries or partners will display on the Organizer(s) tab.

  4. Date/Time: This information will appear below the event banner on the event page.

  5. Location: Provide as much location information here as possible, but provide a Country and City at a minimum. An interactive location map will display on the event page.

  6. Event Description: Please provide a brief summary including goals, objectives or purpose, taking care not to duplicate information provided elsewhere (e.g. Title, Date/time, Organizer, etc.). This will display below the event banner and above the event tabs.

  7. Offsite links: Use these fields if the event is managed on another site or if there is an associated webcast link. These links will appear at the bottom of the event description (right above the tabs).

  8. Other Details: The text provided here will display on the first tab. Provide more specific information about the event, again avoiding duplication.

  9. Event Images: This field is not to be used for the event banner or image carousel. You may use this field to upload images for insertion within the Description or Details text.

Scroll down to the Tabs at the bottom of the form:

  1. Tags: Tags are used throughout the site to filter and display content. Tags are important and helpful. Please take the time to conservatively tag with the most appropriate terms.

  2. Event Links Block: You may enter one or more links with titles which will display in a highlighted block on the event page.


  3. Signup Form: You may enter a message to those who might be registering for an event. You may also select a webform template which will display on the Registration tab. Once selected and saved to the event, this webform will gather registration information specific to this event. IMPORTANT: Please see the related tutorial on Webforms and Sign-ups for detailed information on how to set up web forms and view data.


  4. Banner Images: This tab allows you to upload an event banner which will display beneath the title. Additionally, you may upload from 5-10 carousel images to display along the top of the event page. Under Carousel Images, click “Select media.” You will be able to upload files from your computer. You may also input a flickr or youtube url. These images will be scaled and cropped to fit a square dimension of 165px x 165px. The carousel images are optional.


  5. Presentation feature: This series of fields allows you to set up a series of panels and presentations in an outline form. Provide a Panel name or heading, select a presentation by typing the title and selecting from the list, and list the speakers, if desired. You may add as many presentations as you would like within a panel, and you may add additional panels. To reorder sessions or panels, click-hold-drag the “+” icon to the desired position. This information will display on the Presentations tab. IMPORTANT: In order for a presentation to be available for selection, it must be uploaded as a document first and tagged as a Presentation in the Type of Resource field.


  6. Event Partners block: Start typing the name of a member country or partner and select from the drop down list. You may add additional event partners. This information will display in a block at the bottom of the event page.

    IMPORTANT: In order for a linked logo to appear in this block, you must do the following: 

    1. Go to the Member partner or country profile and Edit.
    2. Scroll down to the Social links section and enter a website link.
    3. Next, scroll down and upload a logo in the Member Event Logo field.
    4. This is the logo which will display on all events with this member selected as an Event Partner.
  7. Related Content: Start typing and select from the drop down list any content you would like to display on this event. Blogs, News, and Press Releases will display on the News tab. Documents, Audio, and Links will display on the Resources tab. Groups will display on the Groups tab. Videos will display in an Event Videos block on the event page.

Scroll down and click Save.

NOTE: To create a Twitter Feed Block (example below), see Related Tutorials.

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