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Welcome to the Help Center! Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions on this site. Visit our Tutorial Section (under the "?" button) to guide you through basic site functionality. Please share any suggestions or issues you have by joining the Member Feedback Group and posting comments. If you can’t find the answer to your question here or in the tutorials section, please contact our support team, listed in the block on the right. We are continuously working to improve your experience so please check back soon for additional answers and features.

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The Inter-American Social Protection Network (IASPN) is a community of practice for national social development ministries and agencies, in collaboration with international organizations, non-governmental organizations, private sector and academia, to promote the exchange and transfer of experiences and knowledge on social protection.

The IASPN Knowledge Portal provides a virtual community space to maintain connections, easily transfer experience and knowledge, and sustain ongoing learning. It is a global platform to leverage and scale up the benefits of International Cooperation worldwide. 

Members can take advantage of the following features:


- Join the IASPN Portal and create an online profile

- Connect to colleagues and expand your professional network

- Individual members can create their personal profile page and link to their social media presence

- Bookmark content on the site

- Get points for your contributions to the site (coming soon)

- Join an online community or discussion group – or start one of your own

- Participate in online discussions

- Read other member posts

- Feature your organization and promote the important work you are doing

- Every month we will feature a member country or partner on our homepage

- Member countries and partners are invited to create and contribute to a page on our website that features their work and their contribution to the IASPN Knowledge Portal.

- Post news, press releases, links, and events to keep the community up to date and actively involved

- Help build a valuable library of resources on social protection and related topics 

- Upload Documents, Videos, Audio, Photos and more to the site

- Share your best practices, lessons learned and innovations by submitting a “Partner Highlight”

- Search the site and filter content to find desired resources

- Use your smart phone or other mobile device to engage with the portal and other members

- Subscribe to updates and receive emails when new content is posted

- Access tutorials to get help using the portal

This is a bi-lingual site. Occasionally, you will click on a link for something that has not been translated. Usually, this happens when a resource is only available in one language. If this happens, try toggling between English|Español to view the item. If the error persists and appears not to be related to the bi-lingual nature of the site, please contact the Support Team.

By default, group resources and discussions are visible to all members of the site. They are not visible to anonymous visitors to the site. However, group resources and discussions can be marked as "Private," thus limiting visibility only to members of the group.

A featured resource is one that is displayed in the Featured blocks on the Resources page and Member Country or Partner pages.  A recommended resource is one that is displayed in the Recommended Reading block on a Theme Topic page. Resources can be designated as such by checking the appropriate boxes in the Featured section on the form used to create the resource.