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By Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI)
OPHI has just launched two publications on the Children’s Multidimensional Poverty (OPHI Briefing 46) and the Global Multidimensional Poverty Index 2017 (OPHI 47).  It is the... read more
By Acosta, Pablo A., Almeida, Rita, Gindling Thomas, Lao Pena, Christine.
This reports analyzes the current trends of public spending in the social sector of the six Central American countries - Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras,... read more
The new edition of Social Panorama of Latin America by the Economic Commission of Latin America and the Caribbean addresses the issue of social inequality, seen as a... read more
By Claudia González
We cordially invite the Ministries and High Authorities of Social Development to present applications in the category of Innovation in Social Inclusion in the V Edition of... read more
The Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP), Trickle Up and Fundación Capital, in partnership with PROSPERA Programa de Inclusión Social, and with the support of the... read more
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Poverty Profile: Rural North and Northeast of Brazil
Oct 18, 2016
Fortunately, both poverty and extreme poverty have shown a significant decrease in Brazil. According to data from the National Household Sample Survey (Pesquisa Nacional por...
A Human Rights Approach to Globalization and Migration
Oct 12, 2016
Author: David Bacon Article published originally in New Politics Magazine. http://newpol.org/   We need an immigration policy based on human, civil, and labor rights, which...
The added value of multidimensional poverty analysis
Oct 11, 2016
Does measuring poverty multidimensionally make a difference in terms of who we identify as being poor? In recent years, a growing number of analysts have called for poverty...
Social Protection payment delivery mechanisms
Oct 03, 2016
The quality of the mechanism used to deliver payments to beneficiaries in a Social Protection (SP) program has a direct bearing on program’s success or failure. The entire...
Blog: Progress Indicators as a mechanism to the full enjoyment of ESCRs
Sep 28, 2016
Author: Rasec Niembro Short Abstract The low professionalism of the judiciary is one of the hidden structural causes of extreme poverty in many regions, particularly in...
IASPD 17 - Experiences on evaluation of social programs in Latin America
Sep 15, 2016
To watch the video visit: http://www.redproteccionsocial.org/recursos/dips-17-video-experiencias-de-evaluacion-de-programas-sociales-en-america-latina (Spanish only)
Gender discrimination is greater when unemployment is high
Sep 06, 2016
The market environment in which discriminatory firms operate may be a relevant determinant of their extent of discrimination. In this paper we aim at analysing the effect of...
IASPD 16 - Economic, social and cultural: a review of results in the...
Aug 29, 2016
The Additional Protocol to the American Convention on Human Rights on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights "Protocol of San Salvador" is the legal instrument of the Inter-...
Happiness and alleviation of income poverty: impacts of an unconditional...
Aug 25, 2016
This study analyzes the impact of an exogenous, positive income shock on caregivers’ subjective well-being in Malawi using panel data from 3,365 households targeted to...
A Social Protection Floor Index: Monitoring National Social Protection...
Aug 22, 2016
An Social Protection Floor consists of four nationally defined basic social security guarantees that members should establish by law, and—in accordance with their existing...
Cultural conceptions of poverty and shame in 7 diverse societies
Aug 16, 2016
This working paper constitutes a first step in exploring the contention that shame is universally associated with poverty, irrespective of place, time and culture. The...
The social protection floor index: A tool to help us keep, and finance, a...
Aug 11, 2016
The ILO Social Protection Floors Recommendation No. 202, unanimously adopted by 184 members of the International Labour Conference in 2012, provided for the first time...
Social Protection Digest #23
Aug 09, 2016
New Minister for Social Development and Inclusion appointed in Perú
Aug 08, 2016
Cayetana Aljovín Gazzani, assumed as head of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDIS) in formal ceremony held at the corporate headquarters in the district of...
The First Sustainable Development Goals Report 2016
Aug 08, 2016
The first ever progress report on the new global development agenda provides the most up-to-date statistics on poverty, hunger, education and sanitation, among others, so...